Surgical non woven paper tape

//Surgical non woven paper tape
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Project Description

Material: silk fabric coated with hypoallergenic adhesive

Color: white & skin

Logo printing on tapes and packages are available

Size & packing

Specification Packing  Size of Middle box          (cm) Size of Carton           (cm)
1.25cm × 10m 24rolls/box, 30boxes/CTN 13.5×9.2×5.5 42x20x31
2.5cm × 10m 12rolls/box, 30boxes/CTN 13.5×9.2×5.5 42x20x31
5cm × 10m 6rolls/box, 30boxes/CTN 13.5×9.2×5.5 42x20x31
7.5cm × 10m 4rolls/box, 30boxes/CTN 15.2×8.5×4.5 32x27x25
10cm x 10m 3rolls/box, 30boxes/CTN 12.5×10.5×4.5 33×26.5×25
1.25cmx5m 24rolls/box, 30boxes/CTN 12x8x5.5 25.5×25.5×30
2.5cmx5m 12rolls/box, 30boxes/CTN 12x8x5.5 25.5×25.5×30
5cmx5m 6rolls/box, 30boxes/CTN 12x8x5.5 25.5×25.5×30
7.5cmx5m 6rolls/box, 30boxes/CTN 15.5x8x5.5 33×25.5×23
10cmx5m 6rolls/box, 30boxes/CTN 12×10.5×4 33×25.5×23

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